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What is the essence of high quality

2019-04-19 13:36:11


The quality of essence, besides the expression is on its sweet charm and diffusing performance, the persistence of aroma and stability, whether can cause change color in adding sweet finished product, metamorphism or affect its to use the problem such as the effect and safe and harmless to human body, also be extremely important factor.So, the division that adjust sweet must be according to the characteristic requirement that adds sweet finished product when flavour prescription, choose appropriate flavour breed and dosage cautiously, and pass add sweet application test, after conforming to the standard of each respect, just can decide square.Otherwise, some essence in timing, aroma scent is satisfied with, but after deposit or add to the finished product, unstable scent or variant, or aroma persistent decrease, or stay sweet time shortened, or influence effect of finished products and the use of color, and even lead to the damage of some organs or skin hair and so on.These problems should be taken seriously and paid attention to by the perfumers.In other words, that is, added flavor products can not be caused by the use of flavor adverse consequences.

Essence is made up of spices.Generally speaking, if the choice of spices and dosage are appropriate, basically can judge the flavor of the quality of the situation.But, essence is in after making up, in storing a process or in adding sweet medium, between each spice, between spice and the composition in medium, often can produce the change on physics chemistry.Some of these changes will affect the fragrance of the fragrance durability, stability, and even security, the perfumer can not be ignored.

The durability, stability and safety of the essence are three related factors.The relationship between persistence and stability is especially close.

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