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What is daily flavor

2019-04-19 16:31:50


Daily flavors refer to fragrances such as perfumes, toiletries, toiletries and other daily necessities.

Used for flavoring perfumes, cosmetics, toiletries and industrial products. It is mainly used in perfume, Cologne, toilet water, beauty cosmetics, skin care cosmetics, soap, bath agents, detergents, hair cosmetics, aromatic therapeutic agents, indoor fragrances, deodorants, insecticides, and rubber, plastics, coatings, fibers, printing inks and other industrial products.

There are thousands of fragrances in flavor classification, which can be used as raw materials for daily flavoring. The aromas of various spices can be summarized according to their properties as follows: cool, leaf, citrus, fruit, flower, spice, herb, resin, ointment, wood, loam, moss, animal, leather, aldehyde, etc. As a mixture, its aroma can easily be distinguished from the theme. The main flavors and rhymes can be distinguished according to the aroma theme.


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