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The main products of Anhui Huaye Company are lactone series synthetic perfumes

2019-07-25 15:54:01

Xu Jilong has been engaged in the fragrance work of this company for more than ten years. In 2007, due to his talents different from ordinary people, his sensitive sense of smell and good olfactory memory, Xu Jilong successfully passed the internal selection of Huaye Company and moved from the frontline operator to the product. The fragrance teacher should conduct professional study, and the content of the study includes chemical analysis and synthesis technology. Shanghai University of Applied Sciences is the cradle for the cultivation of “Fragrance Master”, where Xu Jilong trained for a year.

“I often soak in the lab all day, exercise to identify various odors, and record them in the olfactory library. This long-lasting exercise is very difficult and requires a lot of perseverance.” Speaking of training period, Xu Jilong pain And happy. When he graduated, he has been able to distinguish and memorize more than 400 odors. In the constant practical operation in the future, Xu Jilong continued to enhance this ability, and now at least he is familiar with more than 2,000 kinds of odors.

The production and quality departments of the enterprise are different because of different positions and different indicators. It is inevitable that there are differences and conflicts. After training, Xu Jilong officially took up the post. When the quality check was carried out, he returned the fragrance unqualified fragrance product to the workshop and asked for reprocessing until he determined that the fragrance was up to standard. The production department questioned his professional level, and the "test" came one after another.

Colleagues in the workshop often send tested products with quality qualified and unqualified products. The time for the test arrived, but the results made the colleagues in the production department "disappointed". The “test products” submitted for inspection were re-evaluated by Xu Jilong, and their quality identification was consistent with the standard results. A few months later, Xu Jilong’s professionalism finally convinced his colleagues. Ye Jianwei, Chairman of Anhui Labor Union, said: "More than 70% of the company's products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia. For more than a decade, export products have never been re-processed due to unqualified fragrance. This is not only related to the company. The reputation of the overseas market, and once the product is returned to the factory for reprocessing, the losses often make the purchase contract a 'losing order'."


In 2009, Xu Jilong made outstanding contributions in the company's “Flastic Processing Project” experiment. After the success of the experiment, the company's product quality has reached the international advanced level, and it has been widely recognized and affirmed by customers. The company's performance and profit rate have also increased year by year. Wang Minfu, deputy general manager of Anhui Huaye, admired Xu Jilong's talents. As one of the inventors, Xu Jilong has obtained 10 patents in the field of synthetic fragrances. He has won many awards including “China Science and Technology Progress Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress”, “Science and Technology Progress” and “Science and Technology Research Achievements”. ”

Xu Jilong clearly realized that it is impossible to do a good job in the company's fragrance work. It is impossible to rely on one's own hard work. Only by letting more colleagues participate in the fragrance team and control the product quality from the source can we ensure the long-term stability of the company's products. . Under the words and deeds of Xu Jilong, at present, the company has a team of 8 people, and 3 employees have won the title of “China Spice and Fragrance Cosmetics Industry Association” perfumer, providing a strong talent reserve for the company. (Pan Yi Wang Pengfei)


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