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The efficacy of lavender fragrance

2019-05-18 16:04:26


Lavender fragrance has the following effects:

1. Lavender frangrance can refresh the brain and enhance memory; it is very helpful for learning.

2. Relieving nerve, pleasant and nourishing, with the magical effect of calming the mind and promoting sleep.

3. Promote blood circulation, treat whelk and nourish hair.

4. Suppression of hypertension and nasal asthma.

5. Regulating physiological function.

6. Enhance immunity.

7. Maintaining the function of respiratory tract has a good effect on nasal and laryngeal mucositis and can be used for bathing.

8. Prevent viral and infectious diseases.

9. Remove odor and purify air.

10. To remove ants, cockroaches and mites, put them under the wardrobe and pillow.


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