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The difference between fragrance and perfume

2019-03-13 15:45:32

The difference between fragrance and perfume

1. The fragrance has only one taste, and the perfume has three flavors.
Generally, the same fragrance type and fragrance are similar in taste, but the taste is special. There are three flavors of front, middle and back. Three flavors can be distributed in the front, middle and back stages, but the fragrance is There is only one taste.

2, perfume fragrance is more concentrated than fragrance
The fragrance of the perfume is thicker than that of the fragrance. Under normal circumstances, the fragrance of the perfume is the strongest, then the fragrance, then the cologne, and finally the fragrance. If you like the feeling of light fragrance, it is recommended to choose the fragrance. atmosphere.

3, the fragrance maintains a short fragrance time
In general, the fragrance of the fragrance can last for about 4 hours, and the perfume, even the eau de toilette, can last for 4-6 hours. One fragrance is elegant and charming, while the other fragrance is too smoked. .

The fragrance has a profound historical origin. According to the literature, the ancient fragrance was first used for religious and ritual occasions or indoor incense. Fragrance refers to a liquid similar to perfume.

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