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The difference between flavor and fragrance

2019-01-24 15:10:59

1. A flavor is a substance that can be smelled by the smell or tasted, and is used to formulate a fragrance or a substance that directly flavors the product.
Spices are divided into synthetic and natural flavors. Natural flavors can be further divided into animal natural flavors and vegetable natural flavors.
The main varieties of animal natural spices are musk, civet, beaver, ambergris and muskrat. There are many kinds of vegetable natural flavors, and the main commercial forms are essential oils, net oils, extracts, tinctures and the like. These are mixtures of various ingredients produced from the flowers, leaves, branches, skins, roots, stems, fruits, seeds, etc. of plants.
Except for very few varieties, most of the fragrances cannot be used alone for flavored products. Generally, it must be blended into a fragrance before it can be used.

2. Fragrance is a mixture of a variety of fragrances (sometimes also containing a certain amount of solvent), a certain fragrance type, can be directly used for product fragrance.


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