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The company held the 6th Environmental Public Open Day

2019-08-05 15:55:26

 In order to let the public know about Huaye, enter Huaye, and experience the environmental protection work of Huaye in a short distance. On the afternoon of July 31, the company held the 6th Environmental Public Open Day. Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Municipal Economic Development Zone, Director of the Management Committee Yu Yongcan, Member of the Party Working Committee of the Municipal Economic Development Zone, Xu Zhengsheng, Deputy Director of the Management Committee, Jin Liuqing, Director of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, and the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Municipal Economic Development Zone More than 40 representatives from the Science and Technology Commission, the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, the relevant leaders of the Meicheng People's Government, the news media and Shuyuan Community, Zhangfashan Community, Guta Community and Pengling Village participated in the event.


 During the visit, everyone walked into the workshop to inspect the exhaust gas collection and treatment facilities and sewage treatment facilities, and to learn more about the wastewater waste gas generation, collection and treatment processes, and personally experienced the work philosophy and feelings of Huaye's pursuit of green development and safe development.


At the event symposium, the company introduced the attributes and uses, production processes and processes of the company's products through slides. It also explained the company's “three wastes treatment” measures and operation management through a large amount of data and pictures. According to reports, since 2014, the company has invested more than 20 million yuan to comprehensively upgrade the software and hardware for environmental protection and safe production.


  At the symposium, the delegates affirmed the efforts made by the company in environmental protection in recent years and the contribution to the local economy. They praised the company's initiative to publicly monitor the data in real time, and also hoped that the company is developing. At the same time, we will continue to improve our environmental protection work and accept supervision from the society and the masses.


     The municipal development zone, the Environmental Protection Bureau, the Economic and Technological Committee, the Safety Supervision Bureau and the relevant leaders of Meicheng Town also fully affirmed the efforts of enterprises in environmental protection in recent years, requiring enterprises to understand new forms and earnestly fulfill their responsibility for environmental protection. Strengthen environmental risk management and control, improve the environmental awareness of all employees, and constantly optimize and improve environmental protection measures, and truly ensure that both Jinshan Yinshan and Green Mountain are green.



     The company said that the “Environmental Public Open Day” will be carried out in a normal manner, which will not only enhance the understanding between the public and enterprises, but also enable the company to understand the public's expectations and concerns. It will continue to improve and improve in the future environmental protection work, and strive to create a green environment. A public enterprise with a sense of social responsibility.


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