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The company built an environmental protection automatic online monitoring data LED public system

2019-06-24 15:54:58

Recently, huaye spice company to further improve enterprise's safety management level of environmental protection, the existing COD (chemical oxygen demand) based on on-line monitoring system, and to invest 350000 yuan to buy 2 sets of factory bound TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) online monitoring system, purchase 5 square LED electronic display screen at the same time, the composition of enterprise environmental data real-time monitoring, transmission, public display integration system, and information center, networking and anqing city environmental protection bureau environmental protection data.

It is reported that TVOC is an intelligent grid air quality detection system used for outdoor air pollutants real-time monitoring with high precision, high density and high resolution. It mainly monitors the characteristics of air factors (VOCS), temperature, wind speed, wind direction and other factors.


Since the operation of this system in October, the COD value of the total sewage discharge, TVOC value of the factory boundary, wind speed, wind direction and other factor data automatically monitored by the enterprise within 24 hours around the clock have been displayed to the public through the LED screen outside the factory. At the same time, the enterprise safety production related work will also be announced through the LED electronic display screen. 

The installation of TVOC automatic online monitoring system and the public display screen of environmental protection data outside the factory is an important measure for enterprises to exert pressure on themselves, open themselves to the public and accept social supervision at any time. 

To achieve transformation and upgrading and create a brand new Chinese industry is the development goal of the company, as well as the inherent requirement of improving the core competitiveness and sustainable, healthy and green development of the enterprise. In addition to installing green LED the public notice system, automatic online monitoring data from 2017 to 2018, the company has successively organized the six times environmental protection public Open Day activities, invite buried hill city departments, news media and people's congress, CPPCC member and the surrounding village (house) committee and representatives of local residents to participate in the activities, on-the-spot visit production workshop, organic waste gas treatment equipment, sewage treatment station, have accumulated more than 300 people.

Through the site detailed understanding of the enterprise production raw materials, production process, sewage treatment process, waste gas collection, treatment process and waste water monitoring and control, and how the enterprise should deal with the possible environmental protection and safety risks, continuous improvement and maintenance of environmental protection facilities and other issues to listen to the public opinions and Suggestions.


Over the past few years, huaying has actively responded to social concerns by investing nearly 20 million yuan to upgrade and upgrade its sewage and waste gas treatment facilities, achieving remarkable results and making unremitting efforts to build beautiful buried hills with blue sky, green land and clear water.

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