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Storage and inspection methods of food flavors

2019-03-30 14:04:36

1. Transportation and storage of food flavors

(1) as far as possible, the essence is kept between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius.

(2) the quality of emulsified flavor, powder flavor and flavoring essence is guaranteed for one year.

(3) emulsion flavor must be transported and stored at temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius.

2. Inspection and evaluation of food flavors

(1) Quality acceptance inspection: Standard sample collection and preservation: Take the first product as the standard sample, take two small bottles, use one bottle every six months, and replace it every other year. Normally, the standard sample should be stored in the refrigeratory in order to avoid the deterioration of the standard sample.

Daily Sampling and Preservation: Take one bottle of sample (about 10-15 grams) each time, compare the aroma with the sample using smelling paper, and store it in refrigerated refrigerator after qualified.

(2) Quality evaluation:

Verisimilitude: the essence of essence should be consistent with the real flavor, otherwise it will be difficult to accept. Of course, although compound fragrance does not exist alone in nature, but because of the existence of various individual fragrance types in nature, as long as the blending is easy to accept.

Consistency (head aroma, body fragrance, fragrance retention): the flavor of the whole flavor should be maintained for a period of time in the scent and the mouth. Do not appear the smell of head aroma, body fragrance, and the aroma of each section before and after the aroma.

Durability: use liquid perfume at one end of the scent paper to dip the liquid essence about 1cm. The fragrance on the paper should be kept intact for a period of time, and the flavor will remain basically unchanged. For example, the fragrance of strawberry is mainly fragrant, supplemented by sweet and sour fragrance. After five minutes of smelling fragrance, the fragrance balance among these three fragrances is maintained. The fragrance is mainly fragrant, but the overall fragrance is weak, and no fragrance or sweet or sour fragrance can be smelled.

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