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Sales highlights Gamma valeroltone and Delta Undecalactone

2019-04-04 15:11:48

Recently, the sales of small products Gamma Valerolactone and Delta Undecalactone are hot. Every day, there are orders from customers from different countries, and then they arrange the delivery to customers one by one.

1200kg Gamma valeroltone will be sent to USA

High Purity Gamma Valerolactone
Have vanillin and coconut aromas.
It can be used for edible spices.
Mainly used to prepare peach,
coconut, vanilla and other flavor. 

400kg Delta Undecalactone will be sent to the UK 

High Quality Delta Undecalactone
It is sweet, fragrant, lactone, with a subtle vanilla
scent for all kinds of floral, fruity (tropical and peach);
(food specifications only) in food flavors, Because it is
naturally found in almonds, grapes, and peaches,it can
be used in a variety of fruit, floral, honey and cheese,
cream chocolate, and dairy products. It is also widely
used in tobacco and feed flavors. 

This year the company on the basis of steady production, will increase production of delta lactone.Anhui Hyea Aromas Co., Ltd. is provincial level high-tech Enterprise principally engaged in the R&D and production of fine chemicals.With highly automated production equipments and unique production techniques, we have a capacity of manufacturing 2,600 tons of gamma-lactones and 500 tons of δ-lactones, which makes us currently the larger and more professional manufacturer of aroma lactones in China.

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