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Morphological classification of flavor

2019-02-27 13:51:12

Morphological classification of flavor

According to the shape classification of the flavor, we can divide it into liquid flavor and solid flavor.

Liquid flavor
Liquid flavors can be further divided into water-soluble flavors, oil-soluble flavors and emulsified flavors.

Water soluble flavor
Alcohols are used as solvents, mainly ethanol, but also propylene glycol and glycerol. Generally, the solvent is used in an amount of 40-60%.

Oil soluble flavor
Oily solvents are used as carriers, and one type is natural oils, such as peanut oil, rapeseed oil, tea oil, etc. These flavors are mainly used in the food industry; the other is organic solvents, commonly used are benzyl alcohol, triacetin, and esters. Etc., these flavors are generally used in the daily chemical industry. Some oil-soluble flavors are not only oily solvents, but also prepared from the mutual solubility of the essence itself.

Emulsified essence
In addition to a small amount of perfume, surfactant and stabilizer, the main component is distilled water, which can inhibit the volatilization of the perfume by emulsification.

Solid flavor
The solid essence can be divided into three types, namely, a bulk absorption powder essence, a pulverized powder essence and a microcapsule type powder essence.


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