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Hyea held the second safety and environmental quality quality keynote contest

2019-07-15 16:30:43

On the afternoon of July 12th, the second safety and environmental quality speech contest with the theme of “preventing risks, removing hidden dangers, curbing accidents and providing quality” was kicked off. The competition was organized by the company's security committee and trade union. In this speech contest, the city's trade union Kong Lingqun, the city cultural center Chu Wensheng, Ding Dandan and the company's leaders served as judges.


Thirteen players from various departments participated in the competition. There are new employees who are still in the trial period and old employees who have been working in the company for many years. During the competition, the players told their own understanding of safety, environmental protection and quality, and shared the stories and experiences at work. The 50-year-old Chinese master is the oldest player in the audience. Although the Mandarin is not standard, the speech is succinct and the words are full of deep feelings for the company and conscientious dedication to the work. The research and development center Zhang Cheng, with the title of “Explore Thought, Quality First”, tells the hard story of the R&D center team's pursuit of quality and continuous progress in the work, which left a deep impression.


After scoring, Chu Tao, who was from the workshop of the production department, won the first place, and the research and development center Zhang Cheng and the quality department Yu Yinping won the second and third respectively.


Through the competition, everyone said that it is very meaningful to talk about safety, environmental protection and quality in the form of “speech” competition, so that everyone deeply understands the importance of safety and environmental quality, and will pay more attention to safety, environmental protection and continuous Pursue excellence.


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