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Hyea held the 11th 11th Safety and Environmental Quality Month

2019-06-11 11:28:00

 On May 30th, the company's 20th 11th Safety and Environmental Protection Month (Labor Competition) Mobilization Conference was held in the conference room on the fourth floor. The 11th Chemical Raw Material Gamma Lactone Safety and Environmental Quality Month (Labor Competition) with the theme of “Preventing Risk, Eliminating Hazards, Curbing Accidents, and Improving Quality” was launched. Leaders of Qianshan Emergency Management Bureau, Ecological Environment Branch, Market Supervision Administration, Economic Development Zone, and General Labor Union attended the meeting. The company's general manager Xu Jiping, deputy general manager, department head and front-line staff of more than 100 people attended the meeting.

        At the meeting, Wang Tianyi, deputy general manager of the company and deputy director of the Security Committee, read out the 2019 safety and environmental protection quality month (labor competition) activity plan, and the responsible person of the relevant department made a statement.

        General Manager Xu Jiping made a mobilization speech at the meeting. He stressed that it is necessary to fully understand the importance of safety, environmental protection and quality work from the height of life and death, and to strengthen the safety and environmental protection with the measures of scratching the iron and marking the stone. Promote the implementation of quality work; encourage all members to participate actively, pay attention to actual results, learn from others, and carefully organize the implementation of safety and environmental protection quality month (labor competition) activities to ensure that the activity month achieves the expected results.

        Xu Jiping pointed out that development must not be at the expense of safety. Green development and environmental protection are the main responsibilities of enterprises, and quality is the life of enterprises. Safety is the most basic and important requirement of people. To develop safely, we must use practice and action to answer. The situation of environmental protection and high pressure will become normalized. It is necessary to fully recognize the current severe environmental situation, accurate situation judgment and timely opportunities to control and achieve green development of enterprises. Quality improvement work must be highly valued. Quality and enterprise engineering must be implemented as a long-term strategy, and it is necessary to effectively enhance the sense of responsibility, crisis, and urgency.

        Xu Jiping requested that the company should improve the refinement system and further refine and standardize the safety and environmental management system. Strict implementation of the system, to implement the system strictly, consciously maintain the system, and truly implement the new requirements of safety and environmental protection work. Strictly implement the responsibility of all employees, we must improve the implementation of the "one post and two responsibilities" requirements, work together, and implement at all levels, the responsible departments of various departments and workshops, earnestly strengthen the sense of responsibility, lead by example, take the lead in setting aside, deployment must be deployed safely, inspection Work must check the environment. Comprehensively strengthen risk management and control, strengthen on-site supervision, strengthen the license management of high-risk and special operations, strengthen the source of “three violations”, and effectively enhance the ability to prevent and control. Carry out quality improvement actions, integrate quality management throughout the whole process of production and operation, establish a quality traceability system, use information technology as a high-quality supervision level, enhance the brand's reputation with first-class quality, and improve the core competitiveness of the company. Enterprises have become the industry benchmark and "hundred years of Chinese industry."

        Leaders from the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, the Ecological Environment Branch, the Market Supervision Administration, the Economic Development Zone, and the General Labor Union gave full affirmation to the company's work on safety, environmental protection and quality, and required enterprises to improve their political positions and fully recognize the safety and environmental quality work. The importance of strictly implementing the main responsibility of the enterprise, strengthening risk management and control, paying close attention to the investigation and management of hidden dangers, improving the level of intrinsic safety; earnestly fulfilling corporate social responsibility, operating with integrity, establishing brand awareness, and normalizing the activities of the public open day of environmental protection, accepting Social supervision.


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