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Hyea Night 2019 10th Rainbow Project Student Aid

2019-08-27 16:04:51

On the evening of August 23, the 10th "Rainbow Plan" of the "Hyea Night" 2019 sponsored by Hyea Spice, Qianshan Red Cross, Qianshan Education Bureau and Qianshan Forum was held in Tianzhu. The Mountain Tourism School Grand Hall was held.

Huang Xiaoan, deputy director of Qianshan Municipal People's Congress, Xu Zhengsheng, deputy mayor of Qianshan Municipal Government, Wang Xuwang, vice chairman of Qianshan Municipal CPPCC, Ge Guozhu, executive vice chairman of Qianshan City Federation of Trade Unions, Shi Jingzhong, director of Qianshan Municipal Education Bureau, and full-time staff of Qianshan Red Cross Vice President Chen Qian, Huaye Spice General Manager Xu Jiping and Qianshan City Education Bureau Xu Yingquan, and other leaders attended the event.




General Manager Xu Jiping gave a speech at the ceremony. He said that in the past 17 years, Anhui Hyea aromas Co., Ltd., with the correct guidance and strong support from the municipal party committee and the government, has been enthusiastically cared for and helped by the parents of the hometown. Now it has developed into a domestic scale. The largest producer of propanol series flavorants. Drinking water and thinking, don't forget your heart. At the same time of enterprise development, Hyea people insist on the enthusiastic charity as the social responsibility and eternal value pursuit of the enterprise, which has become an important part of corporate culture. This year is the fourth year in a row that we will host this event. We will continue this activity in the future. We hope that through this kind of charity, we will do our best for the education of the hills and the development of the society. force! I also hope that every student will learn to be grateful and learn to grow in the future study and life. No matter where they are, no matter where they are, terracotta is our eternal love. In the hometown of nightmare, in the case of as much as possible, inherit the good deeds of helping the poor, and warm the world with their good nature and great love, and return to the hometown to realize the value of life in dedication. I wish the students to establish a great ambition, not to bear the great times, not to be youthful, to pursue their dreams of life with wisdom and sweat!




       Vice Mayor Xu Zhengsheng also spoke at the meeting, fully affirming the social significance of the "Rainbow Project" public welfare activity, and thanked the Huaye Company and the Qianshan Forum volunteers who contributed to the "Rainbow Project". I would like to express my sincere hope to the students of the Golden List. I hope that after entering the university, they will study hard with a good attitude and return home and return the society with excellent results.




 The “Rainbow Project” was launched in 2010 by the Buried Hill Forum to help the poor students to dream about the University. The event was recommended by the visiting group and discussed in groups. From the orphans, single parents and poverty caused by the disease, 20 students were identified as the recipients of the 10th 10th Rainbow Project.



The ceremony was kicked off in the chorus "My Motherland" performed by the Huaye Spice Choir. The art training institutions such as the Yijing Dance Art Center and the Feiyue Music Art Training Center also selected wonderful programs for the


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