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Hyea Aromas hosts the 6th Safety Environmental Quality Knowledge Intelligence Competition

2019-09-21 10:43:04

In line with the company's "Safety, Environmental Protection and Quality Month" campaign under the theme of "Preventing Risk, Eliminating Hazards, Curbing Accidents, and Providing Quality", the company's Security Committee will be held at the special time of the 70th anniversary of "Welcome to Daqing and Pingan". The sixth session of the Safety, Environmental Protection and Quality Knowledge Intelligence Competition was held in the afternoon.


The competition is divided into four parts: individual must answer questions, collective must answer questions, answer questions, and risk challenge questions. A total of 8 teams from various departments of the company participated in the competition, namely the R&D center team, the laboratory team, the administrative team, the machine team, the Ding team, the Ding team, the C team, and the C team. team.

After two hours of wonderful confrontation, the team won the first place with Du Yu, Ge Jun and Li Shan; the laboratory team composed of Huang Aiqing, Tu Hongxia and Yu Yinping won the second place; Wang Bin, Ding Qi The team of Ding Wei, composed of Jiang Shanshu, won the third place.

The success of this competition not only promoted safety, environmental protection, quality knowledge, and improved the staff's business level, but also demonstrated the spirit of Huaye people's safety, environmental protection, quality and enthusiasm, and the spirit of unity and


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