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Hyea 2019 safety & Quality Month Event Completed Successfully

2019-10-25 13:26:42

On October 18 and October 21, the Hyea Security Committee organized an emergency rescue drill and an employee fire skill competition. This is also the last two separate activities of the company's 2019 safety and environmental quality activity month.








According to the drill plan, the emergency rescue drills were used to simulate the corrosion of the bottom valve of the oxidation chamber of the workshop. The teams completed their own drills according to the procedures and their respective tasks under the command of the general command of the exercise.






The fire operation skill competition set up a women's 60-meter fire extinguisher to extinguish two projects: tert-butanol fire, men's group fire hose, and water gun connection fire-fighting skill competition. The company specially invited the city emergency rescue brigade to send people on-site guidance and serve as referees.














62 departments and volunteer firefighters from various departments and workshops participated in the competition. In the end, Chu Tao, Song Heqing, and Chu Wei were awarded the top three fire extinguishers for women's equipment. Men's team fire hoses and water guns connected fire fighting skills competition, Wang Shisong, Huang Tao, Xu Yunbing team won the first place; Liu Hongming, Li Can, Jiang Chao group and Hu Longshun, Ding Qi, Jiang Shanshu small components won the second and third place.

The development of the two activities has improved the employees' safety awareness and emergency rescue capabilities, improved the company's compulsory firefighting team's operational skills and comprehensive skills in dealing with sudden fires, and concluded the 2019 company's safety, environmental protection and quality month activities.


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