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Huaye won the Top Ten Enterprises of Industrial 2018 in Qianshan City

2019-07-12 14:52:43

On the morning of June 26, from the investment promotion and industrial economic conference of Qianshan City, Huaye won the 20th Industrial Top Ten Enterprises in Qianshan City.

In 2018, under the strong leadership of the board of directors, all employees of Huaye overcome the influence of various unfavorable factors, actively adapt to the new normal of economic development, forge ahead, work hard, lead the production of products, and achieve steady growth in income from main business. A new high in history.


The company introduced a high-performance management model to promote the “small-quality” static management that focuses on product production process control, and the “big-quality” dynamic management that focuses on comprehensive control of organizational operations and sustainable development, and further enhances the operational quality of enterprises.

In 2018, the company won the 6th Anqing Municipal Government Quality Award, the 2018 China Spice and Fragrance Industry Outstanding Enterprise Award and the Industry Science and Technology Leadership Award. It was once again selected as one of the top ten in China's light industry spice industry (seventh), and the national high-tech enterprises passed smoothly. It is recognized that the voice and influence of enterprises in the region and industry are further enhanced.


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