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Food flavor application and reference dosage

2019-04-03 15:26:46

Food flavor are fragrances based on the flavor of natural foods. They are carefully blended with natural and natural equivalent flavors and synthetic flavors to produce a variety of flavors with natural flavors. Including fruit water and oil, milk, poultry, meat, vegetables, nuts, candied, emulsified and alcohol, suitable for beverages, biscuits, pastries, frozen foods, sweets, seasonings In food, dairy products, canned food, wine and other foods. The dosage forms of the edible essence are liquid, powder, microcapsule, slurry and the like.

1. Oily flavor is suitable for hard candy, biscuits and other baked goods. The general dosage is about 0.2%. However, the oily flavor using propylene glycol as a solvent can also be used for soda, beverages, etc., and the general dosage is 0.050.1%.

2, water quality flavor is suitable for soda, beverages, ice cream, other cold drinks, wine, etc., the general dosage is 0.07-0.15%.

3. Emulsified essence is suitable for soda, beverage, etc., the dosage is about 0.1%, and the amount of oil mixture is 0.08-0.12%.

4, the slurry flavor is suitable for steam ice, beverage preparation base, can also be used directly for soda, beverage, the general dosage is 0.2-0.23% (full color), 0.05% (non-full color, another caramel color 0.15- 0.18%)

5, coconut powder is suitable for biscuits, other meat, vegetables, poultry lamp powder for biscuits, other meat lamps, vegetables, poultry lamp powder · i for puffed foods, convenience foods and soups, the general dosage is 0.3- 1%.

6, the amount of alcohol flavor is generally 0.04-0.1%, tea flavor, the amount is about 1%. The amount of powder flavor for feed is generally 0.5%, and the word flavor (for additives) (5%-10%).

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