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Flavor is not the only characteristic of deodorant

2019-05-11 15:57:45

Deodorant and perfume are different deodorant body lotion is ordinary moisturizing lotion just added essence spices and so on.

1, easy to carry is the absolute advantage of deodorant beads, will not drip beads design is very easy to use, pay attention to check whether there is leakage when buying.

2, easy to put on the skin is another big advantage of body dew go bead fragrance, before putting on the skin to sweat with face tissue light pressure dry, then put on the skin can be.

3, body lotion can not be applied to the skin scratches, avoid spices on the wound stimulation.

4, will sweet body dew is used in the body place such as neck, armpit, elbow and knee inside effect is best.

5, after use, should be timely cleaning.Best also wipe clean before filling put on the skin.

There is no harm to the body, when people found that the use of antiperspirant site red, swollen, itching and other conditions should be promptly seek medical advice.


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