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Hot Selling Gamma Nonalactone

Gamma Lactones

Hot Selling Gamma Nonalactone

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Hot Selling Gamma Nonalactone

Aldehyde C 18
CAS NO:104-61-0
FEMA NO: 2781

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Description of this Best Hot Selling Gamma Nonalactone
Product Name:Gamma-Nonalactone; Aldehyde C-18
Molecular Formula: C9H16O2=156.23
CAS NO:104-61-0
FEMA NO: 2781
Flash Point:110℃
Boiling Point:243℃ atmospheric 
Parameters of this Hot Selling Gamma Nonalactone Manufacturers
Appearance :Colorless oily liquid
Odor: fruit, dairy, orchid
Specific gravity D2525: 0.958~0.966
Refractive Index N20D: 1.446~1.450
Content: min99.0%,by GC
Acid value mgKOH/g :max2.0 
Advantage of this Wholesale Hot Selling Gamma Nonalactone
Fragrance Usage: It can be widely used in the essence for the industrial products.
Flavor Usage: (only FCC) Used in coconut, peach, apricot, vanilla, maple, honey and chocolate flavors. 
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